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Tour Details

Tour Details

With Kiener Plaza expected to be under construction until May of 2017, we’ve shifted our starting and stop points over one block. A 3.5 mile route winds through the...

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Private Tours

  If you’d prefer to see another one of the many great spots in St. Louis, personalized tours of varying lengths can be scheduled for your convenience. Private tours...

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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Went on Friday morning. An absolute blast. Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone.
- David, Madison Heights, Michigan
- Elizabeth, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
What a great time! We were just in St. Louis for the day and were able to see so much on our running tour. I could hardly absorb all the information! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn about the history of St.Louis while at the same time enjoying a beautiful run in a great city with an awesome guide.
- Heather, Montevideo, Minnesota
I’m not from stl but I’ve been here plenty of times and still learned a lot. Don’t let the length of the route scare you! Its an easy pace with lots of stops and almost any level of runner can keep up. I’m glad I did this tour and I look forward to finding more in other states I visit!
- Samantha, Marshalltown, Iowa
I was in St. Louis for a convention and was thrilled to find a brochure from St. Louis Running Tour at the concierge desk. I learned so much from Joe, it was one of my best runs ever. As a slower runner I was concerned that I would have a hard time keeping up but the pace was perfect. From now on when I travel I will be looking for more running tours. Joe has set the bar high.
- Sherry, Chicago, Illinois
I had a great time on this running tour and I learned so much! I can’t believe I have lived in St. Louis all my life and have missed these gems on this tour!  I can’t wait to gather some friends and do it again!!
- Beth, St. Louis Missouri
What a great time I had.  As a guide, Joe was knowledgeable and fun, and he was very accommodating with the pace.  I really appreciated the impromptu photo ops and how cool he was about it. It made for a really fun time.  Being a native to the St. Louis area I was quickly learning more about the city and it’s place in history than I had expected.  You will walk (run?) away seeing our city in a new light and from a different perspective.
- Mark, St. Louis, Missouri
This was the most fun I’ve ever had on a tour!  The pace was great for running and talking! I loved the aspect of stopping and taking photos because they are one of the best ways to tell a story later on.  Could not have asked for a better tour guide- extremely knowledgeable and very nice!  I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone who has a love for running, adventure, and learning some history along the way!
- Mackenzie, Washington, Missouri
My girlfriend and I had planned a trip to St. Louis and stumbled upon the St. Louis Running tour in our efforts to find fun and unique things to do in the city.  As neither one of are big history buffs, it was a great way to incorporate something we love to do (exercise) while getting just enough information on the history of St. Louis to keep us interested. We were amazed by Joe’s knowledge of the city as well as his ability to keep us engaged throughout the run.  This was the perfect mix of sweating, sightseeing, and St. Louis!
- Dan, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
  • David, Madison Heights, Michigan
  • Elizabeth, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Heather, Montevideo, Minnesota
  • Samantha, Marshalltown, Iowa
  • Sherry, Chicago, Illinois
  • Beth, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Mark, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Mackenzie, Washington, Missouri
  • Dan, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
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